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Tokyo Washi Art, Draw a Picture by Japanese Pap...
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【OUTLINE】A new style of paper making that fits the urban lifestyle---KAMISUKI. You can experience a series of creating washi art, from preparing raw materials for paper to painting a picture without a brush. You will pour colored kozo (mulberry) fibers into a string-framed mold and create a picture. From children to adults---everyone can enjoy this new style of kamisuki.【Highlights】・You will experience a real Japanese paper making from raw materials, kozo, in the rich natural surroundings located in Nishitama・A professional Japanese paper maker will teach you a new technique of paper making different from existing methods・With an ample imagination, you will create your original washi art・You can draw a unique picture using the paper making method, without a brush・You can create a colorful washi paper by pouring colored kozo (mulberry) fibers into the frame.

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